Community Oriented Investment

Generating New Enterprise

In a post COVID-19 world, the resulting chaos of nationalism and isolationism are likely to dominate albeit in the short-term whilst normal practices and conventions will become increasingly ineffective or irrelevant. This applies particularly to NGOs and donors within the conservation space where funding is squeezed, tourism suspended, and inequality more widespread. This will likely result in distrust in government, western benefactors, and the developed world. In this vacuum, communities will look inward for sanctuary to take back control of their future.


In the chaos of a post-pandemic world, the COIGNE strategic concept of shifting the responsibility for conservation to communities with commercial community investment at scale is more relevant than ever — and a fresh opportunity to impact investors worldwide.


COIGNE is all about communities taking control of their natural capital assets — breaking reliance on aid and commercial exploitation to make conservation durable. 


COIGNE is an environmental patient capital vehicle for locally owned enterprises in endangered conservation regions. 

It enters the target market with a scale and capability to leverage and engage with national players from a position of advantage bypassing normal conservation, commercial and NGO protocols and practices  as it sets its own agenda.

The aim is to rollout COIGNE by country, then saturate regionally with an interconnected portfolio of community based projects (50+) based on scalability and commercial potential for both communities and governments.