Welcome to COIGNE!


COIGNE is founded on a “community first, conservation second” approach. You do not need prior experience in wildlife conservation, impact investing, technology, or counter-wildlife crime to be a hero at COIGNE. Our cooperative investment model developing agriculture, commerce, tourism and logistics at scale will tap into our global network of entrepreneurs, non-government organisations, suppliers, investors and government leaders.


Three of us founded this company. We are woman-owned, veteran-owned and multi-generational. My awe-inspiring co-founders, Hamish and Chris met in the 80s as Royal Military Academy Sandhurst alumni and senior British Army officers. Chris led the British Army’s Intelligence Corps within a unique experience of worldwide operations – from the Middle East and former Soviet Union to homeland security. Hamish commanded a multi-national battle group during the NATO-led peace implementation operation in Bosnia, generating sustainable multi-ethnic communities in the region, post-genocide. Most recently, my co-founders built a web-based platform together with synthesised data about the illegal wildlife trade for customers in low-capacity, complex operating environments. This software innovation was a 2016 Global Prizewinner of the USAID-funded Wildlife Crime Technology Challenge, at which I served as Lead Scale Advisor. Technology alone cannot solve conservation’s biggest challenges, as it is only part of the toolbox. We believe that wildlife technology and conservation as a whole belong in the hands of communities.


In October and November 2018, we validated the COIGNE business concept in London at the UK Government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference and the Business of Conservation Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. We received constructive feedback, in-country visit invitations, and enthusiastic support from heads of state, ministers of environment and trade, community leaders, cooperative representatives, business entrepreneurs, conservationists and non-profit organisations. We will recruit a “team of teams” of local and regional experts to build COIGNE with us. 


Our first batch of test (beta) projects will be wildlife-compatible economic models in Africa, including Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Africa is the only continent that consumes that which it does not produce and produces that which it does not consume. 90% of the protected parks in Africa are vastly underfunded with budgets typically operating at only 20% of that required.


If you share our vision or need more detail and would like to consider supporting our path ahead, please contact me.

With gratitude,


Co-Founder and Chief Executive