• Chris Holtom

The missing link

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

At every conference on wildlife conservation we have attended there is a key stakeholder missing - the communities amongst whom wildlife live

Unless communities have a tangible stake in wildlife and their eco system, they will remain passive to both tourists, their natural resource opportunities and poachers. 'Community projects' are too small, donor dependent and hard to scale to a commercial level .

COIGNE seeks to change the game by helping communities and supporting NGOs to place them in the driving seat.


Fishermen at Fischoek Bay, Capetown

Commercial projects, Agriculture, Power, Infrastructure and Tourism (CAPIT) are all part of the COIGNE range of investments.

Projects are selected for commercial viability, scalability, relevance to sustainable development goals (SDG) and environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG). COIGNE adds its unique regional operations centre process to assess risk and monitor return on investment

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